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#1927 Forums registration dont work... bug minor other/unknown master (git)
#1932 share pieces among torrents feature-request minor other/unknown 1.3.1
#1937 The Parameter is incorrect bug minor other/unknown other (please specify)
#1948 deluge should delete pid files when quitting. bug minor other/unknown master (git)
#1958 Memory leak (Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ult. + Deluge 1.3.2) bug major other/unknown 1.3.2
#1965 At the start deluge reports all torrents to the trackers as incompleted ones bug major other/unknown 1.3.5
#1966 Force Re-Check does nothing bug minor other/unknown 1.3.3
#2022 Deluge segfaults in KDE when using "Ignore global shortcuts" bug minor other/unknown 1.3.3
#2051 Can't hide/show columns if they has not latin letters. bug minor other/unknown other (please specify)
#2054 Add indicator then file is moving feature-request minor other/unknown other (please specify)
#2084 Torrents do not obey the global maximum download speed restriction bug minor other/unknown 1.3.5
#2111 Misleading 'paused' status bug minor other/unknown 1.3.5
#2116 Application layer protocol for transfering RPC messages + utf8 decoding error patch major other/unknown 1.3.5
#2150 Adding of existing torrent, not in list, zeroes the ratio/uploaded counter bug minor other/unknown 1.3.5
#2159 Deluge Segfaults in __strcmp_sse42 bug minor other/unknown other (please specify)
#2186 torrent still downloating at 100% feedback bug trivial other/unknown 1.3.5
#2187 On 'open folder', select file in Windows Explorer bug minor other/unknown other (please specify)
#2193 "Open Folder" doesn't work when I right click a torrent in Deluge 1.3.5 bug minor other/unknown 1.3.5
#2207 Issue with Geo Location bug critical other/unknown 1.3.5
#2270 Autoadd settings does not accept .dot (hidden) folder names bug minor other/unknown 1.3.5
#2275 Deluge forgot new names of renamed folders after restart, if such folder wasn't available while deluged launch bug major other/unknown 1.3.5
#2294 [LINUX] "Apply to all" in add dialog moves files to user home folder instead of selection bug minor other/unknown 1.3.6
#2305 Deluge keeps placing torrent files in my home directory, even when I choose a different directory bug major other/unknown 1.3.5
#2307 Open Folder bug minor other/unknown 1.3.6
#2318 Update PPA for raring bug minor other/unknown other (please specify)
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