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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2411 Open Folder action to remote client new feature-request minor 2.0.x
#2879 Opening a file from a finished torrent causes a dyld error new bug major needs verified
#2155 Opera unable to add a torrent file reopened damoxc bug major 1.3.6
#1458 Options to (un)check all files and set file priorites in Add Torrent Dialog new feature-request trivial 2.0.x
#1879 Option to add suffix to incomplete files new feature-request minor Future
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio new andar feature-request minor Future
#2420 OSX users unable to open magnet links new bug minor not applicable
#2243 parse hostname new bug minor 2.0.x
#2751 pass LABEL on execute plugin assigned JimboMonkey1234 feature-request minor Future
#2815 Path inconsistency while escaping whitespace accepted Cas bug minor 2.0
#1212 Pause all torrents & auto resume after timeout new feature-request major 2.0.x
#2457 Peer connections dropped when seeding new bug minor not applicable
#397 per file, per torrent, and per multiple torrent speedlimits new andar plugin-request minor Future
#2358 Per label torrent listing doesn't work new bug major 2.0
#1332 Per tracker ratio (may be a plugin-request) new feature-request minor Future
#1913 pid file created by deluged in config is non-standard new bug trivial 2.0.x
#2442 Plaintext auth passwords. new bug major Future
#2801 [Plugin][AutoAdd] Error adding torrents new bug major 2.0
#2454 Plugin frame work only allows script resources, no CSS or images new feature-request minor Future
#2239 Plugins without webui pages generate a typeerror new damoxc bug trivial 2.0.x
#2725 Plugin to automatically find and configure a proxy new plugin-request minor Future
#940 Popout window with torrent details & stats new andar feature-request trivial Future
#668 Port mappings not reopened when lost new andar feature-request trivial not applicable
#1337 Possibility to copy magnet link assigned Cas feature-request major 2.0.x
#1080 Preferences dialog clean-up new andar feature-request major Future
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