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#1380 [Scheduler] web UI Interface damoxc patch minor Plugin 1.3.0
#1382 [Blocklist] Whitelist IPs in the filter list s0undt3ch feature-request minor Plugin master (git)
#1467 Log to file when not daemonized defect minor Core 1.3.1
#1473 Adding support for switching uid after startup for daemons patch minor Core 1.3.1
#1533 Add a move command to console nick feature-request minor Console
#1549 Allow for arbitrary protocols in "add" nick patch minor Console other (please specify)
#1688 No priority view for folders in detail view nick feature-request minor Console 1.3.0_dev
#1689 Block-select doesn't work when cursor is above last position nick bug minor Console (new ncurses) master (git)
#1814 allow localhost logins without password s0undt3ch bug minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1816 stats plugin bug minor Plugin master (git)
#1817 deluge-gtk bug minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1818 Quit & Shutdown not working when not connected to daemon s0undt3ch bug minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1821 deluge-console bug minor Console master (git)
#1833 tab completion should escape spaces feature-request minor Console master (git)
#1840 Implement last seen complete [Torrent Status] s0undt3ch patch minor Core master (git)
#1842 autoadd save .torrent bug minor Plugin master (git)
#1844 File choice ignored, no file right-click menu s0undt3ch bug minor other/unknown master (git)
#1848 Split Up ALL glade files s0undt3ch bug minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1858 [console] Add command 'manage' to show/set per-torrent options Cas patch minor Console 1.3-stable (git)
#1859 "Remove torrent" action in GTK GUI is error prone and should be split in two Cas feature-request minor GTK-UI 1.3.1
#1867 Options Tab Apply not working s0undt3ch bug minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1868 Search box into toolbar feature-request minor GTK-UI other (please specify)
#1887 add option last seen complete in status window Cas feature-request minor GTK-UI master (git)
#1908 Minor improvement to bind the webui to an interface damoxc patch minor Web-UI master (git)
#1923 Add option for Full Allocation (without sparse files) feature-request minor Core
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