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#3039 Preference window doesn't open Cas bug minor GTK UI 1.3.15

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3010 Hundreds of MB of exception logs bug major GTK UI 1.3.14
#3018 error returned to web api wen adding a torrent with a label that has many torrents (500+) bug major Plugin 1.3.14
#3035 Extractor issues with .rar archives of the same name that have a Subs folder bug major Plugin 1.3.12
#3094 Moving files to a folder removes files if they have been moved to the same folder earlier bug major Unknown 1.3.13
#2980 New torrents not getting location settings properly applied bug minor Plugin 1.3.13
#3011 Listen to WM_ENDSESSION on Windows feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3.14
#3044 Restarting deluged via systemd causes errornous torrents bug minor Core other (please specify)
#3066 update DHT bootstrap nodes feature-request minor Core 1.3.15
#3070 [Plugin] [Blocklist] Exception: list index out of range bug minor Plugin 1.3.15
#3075 config command not handling windows paths bug minor Console UI 1.3-stable (git)
#3112 Setting peer TOS from deluge console is different from setting Peer TOS from WebUI bug minor Console UI 1.3.13
#3119 "Open" on "Files" tab context menu locks up GTK UI bug minor GTK UI 1.3.13

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2848 Incorrect share ratio in torrent status bug minor Core 1.3.6
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