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"Force Recheck" menu option is an acceptance of bugginess

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"Force Recheck" shouldn't exist. If Deluge and its underlying technology worked as advertized, then there would be nothing to check.

As it is, I work on a filesystem with block-level checksums (so I am certain my disks are not flipping bits), and every torrent is claimed to download successfully, run their post-download move trigger, and then stop.

About 1/5th of the time, running "Force Recheck" discovers some problem, and Deluge then restarts the download phase at about 90%.

That shouldn't happen.

Moreover, there should be no "Force Recheck" button at all. That is an excuse for shrugging the burden of broken software behavior off onto the user. If libtorrent or deluge worked, then there would be no reason to recheck.

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