Ticket #3409: consoleCommandLineOnWin.patch

File consoleCommandLineOnWin.patch, 586 bytes (added by petersasi, 2 years ago)

make deluge-console work in non-interactive command line on Windows

  • basemode.py

    diff -u a/basemode.py b/basemode.py
    a b  
    6868            signal.signal(signal.SIGWINCH, self.on_terminal_size) 
    6969        except ValueError as ex: 
    7070            log.debug('Unable to catch SIGWINCH signal: %s', ex) 
     71        except AttributeError as ex: 
     72            log.debug('Windows Curses and Python does not have SIGWINCH signal on Windows, skipping this: %s', ex) 
     73            pass 
    7275    def on_terminal_size(self, *args): 
    7376        # Get the new rows and cols value