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#2087 Unescaped tracker URLs when loaded from A Magnet URI Cas bug major 1.3.5 Invalid
#2109 Proxy settings not being cleared from session.state bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#2110 Accept magnet uris with xt anywhere in link, not just at start bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#2140 libtorrent 0.16 and torrent moving andar bug critical 1.3.5 Fixed
#2153 Improper Torrent Loading (Duplication of Files) bug major 1.3.5 WontFix
#2160 libtorrent segmentation fault on torrent removal bug critical 1.3.5 Fixed
#2163 .torrent encoding ("Unknown encoding") Cas bug trivial 1.3.5 Fixed
#2164 AttributeError due to deprecated Twisted.web.error.NoResource in tracker_icons johnnyg bug major master Fixed
#2183 torrent still downloating at 100% bug minor 1.3.5 Duplicate
#2204 deluged hangs on shutdown with large number of torrents started bro bug minor 1.3-stable Fixed
#2223 Deluged - exceptions.AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'url' bug minor 1.3-stable Fixed
#2224 Error when using 'Remove Torrent + Data' via WebUI bug minor 1.3-stable Duplicate
#2227 can't add a specific torrent file bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#2258 RuntimeError when emiting event bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#1872 Replace WMI processes enumeration with EnumProcesses patch minor 1.3.5 Fixed
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