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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#3203 Start Minimized + Interface Password = Perm Lockout bug critical 1.3.15 Fixed
#2822 core bug blocker develop Duplicate
#3154 Global upload speed limit is ignored bug major develop Duplicate
#3519 /tmp filled with millions of deluge_ticon.xxxxx files bug minor 2.0.3 Duplicate
#2854 Don't re-create the whole config files while updating content feature-request major 1.3.12 WontFix
#2856 error message at startup: 'dict' object has no attribute 'outgoing_ports' bug minor 1.3.12 WontFix
#2985 Cannot download win version bug blocker 1.3.14 Fixed
#2988 Failures due to "ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ ..." don't causes initd unit to crash bug minor 1.3.14 Invalid
#3027 On restart Deluge ignores "do not download" bug minor 1.3.14 Fixed
#3077 Good job bug trivial other (please specify) Fixed
#3233 Deluge 1.3.15 breaks with libtorrent-1.2 bug major other (please specify) Duplicate

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2862 Merge private trackers if same domain name feature-request minor 1.3-stable
#3047 False warning logging regarding geoip resolution bug minor 1.3.15
#3106 Checking with large hash size causes OOM condition bug critical 1.3.15
#3143 Rename folder fails when old name contains non-ASCII characters bug minor 1.3.15
#3144 Recheck does not consider completion move directory bug minor 1.3.15
#3156 Settings -> Queue -> Total Active Above 1600 Does Not Increase active_tracker_limit bug minor 1.3.15
#3165 "Device or resource busy" on Linux kernel newer than 4.9.0-3 bug critical 1.3.15
#3180 Terminating deluge leaves it in an inconsistent state bug critical 1.3.15
#3188 Feature Request: Sort torrents by date completed feature-request minor 1.3.15
#3344 network interface bind, wildcard bug minor 1.3.15
#3192 Wishlist: Please add support for enabling 'announce_to_all_{trackers,tiers}'. feature-request minor develop
#3314 Daemons don't background themselves on Windows. bug minor develop
#3343 Fire the TorrentStorageMovedEvent when appropriate feature-request trivial develop
#3398 builtins.TypeError: _findCaller() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given bug minor develop
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