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#265 Add new column "Remaining" Calum feature-request trivial Fixed
#607 Add 'Date Completed' column to UIs Ghent feature-request minor Fixed
#645 Applying Options to multiple selected torrents doesn't work andar feature-request minor Fixed
#958 Search by name in torrent list andar feature-request minor Fixed
#1000 Torrent should be automatically selected for Statistics display andar feature-request trivial Fixed
#1120 Add a "Modify" action in Connection manager feature-request minor 1.2.0_rc5 Fixed
#1193 gtk client doesn't use theme colors feature-request trivial Fixed
#1859 "Remove torrent" action in GTK GUI is error prone and should be split in two Calum feature-request minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1868 Search box into toolbar feature-request minor other (please specify) Fixed
#1887 add option last seen complete in status window Calum feature-request minor master Fixed
#1959 Allow user selectable GUI language Bro feature-request minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#2013 Add a 'Move Completed' entry to the Add Torrent dialog feature-request minor Fixed
#2056 List torrent explicitly in "Remove the selected torrent" message Calum feature-request minor Fixed
#2098 Modify 'Open Folder' option to highlight the torrent folder/file Calum feature-request trivial 1.3.5 Fixed
#2184 Speed optimizations to the torrentview in GTKUI patch minor master Fixed
#2192 An option to hide the "Owner" list feature-request minor develop Fixed
#2312 New file path chooser + List of saved path values patch minor develop Fixed
#2354 Alt+f shortcut conflict bug minor develop Fixed
#2398 magnet link details downloaded in 'add torrent' dialog feature-request minor other (please specify) Fixed
#2417 Add "Last Active" to torrent status Calum feature-request minor develop Fixed
#2467 Enabled Plugins list not always showing the correct options for selection bug minor develop Fixed
#2472 [GTKUI] Add Support for setting anonymous mode patch minor develop Fixed
#2476 CreateTorrent dialog not handling malformed tracker urls bug trivial develop Fixed
#2477 Incorrect number of torrents being shown bug minor develop Fixed
#2490 Add UI code to display external IP feature-request minor develop Fixed
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