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#3031 Resetting or hiding file priority of finished downloads feature-request minor 1.3.14
#3033 Priority should appear on directories if descendants have the same one feature-request minor 1.3.14
#2330 Deluge uses 10-30% CPU when idle on Windows in classic mode bug minor 1.3.6
#2334 Add option to GTK UI to startup application with OS feature-request trivial other (please specify)
#2515 Date format in columns feature-request minor other (please specify)
#2672 Open file on double click over filename feature-request minor other (please specify)
#230 Drag 'n' drop reorder of torrents for download queue andar feature-request minor
#676 Add tooltips for torrents in the main frame andar feature-request trivial
#1108 Abstract unlimited speed setting feature-request trivial
#1277 Queueing Options in the Add Torrent dialog feature-request trivial
#1329 Color of icon when announce request on tracker failed feature-request minor

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2341 [win32] Problems installing/enabling plugins with non-ascii username bug minor 1.3.6
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