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#860 Sound notification with mp3/ogg files andar feature-request minor 1.2.2
#2501 Deluge opens on the wrong screen in a multiscreen setup under OSX. bug minor 1.3.6
#2788 Excess "Password Protected " windows pops-up when software was relaunched from minimized bug minor
#2823 Maximize Problem bug minor other (please specify)
#2891 Torrent already added not working bug minor 1.3.13
#2903 Torrent List Does not properly update bug minor 1.3.13
#3032 Ctrl+a should not select root directory in file tab bug minor 1.3.14
#3051 Provide download function in deluge-gtk feature-request minor other (please specify)
#3111 remote deluged instance with bad connectivity causes "<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: 'gtk.TreeIter' object has no attribute '__getitem__'" bug minor other (please specify)
#3115 Renaming a subfolder to contain another subfolder leads to GTK client desync bug minor 1.3.15
#3117 Parallel programmatic adding of torrents causes torrents to be skipped bug minor other (please specify)
#3133 Running deluge-gtk over ssh with X forwarding doesn't allow ssh logout after deluge-gtk is closed bug minor 1.3.12
#3136 Add function to add checksums programmatically bug minor other (please specify)
#3139 Selecting update tracker does nothing bug minor 1.3.15
#3142 Issues when APPDATA path is using Æ bug minor other (please specify)
#3145 Move Storage context menu does not apply to all selected torrents bug minor 1.3.15
#3150 After upgrade to Plasma 5, progress bars are rendered incorrectly bug minor 1.3.13
#3175 Interface glitch when scrolling fast bug minor 1.3.15
#3196 UI Offscreen bug minor 1.3.15
#3299 gtkui - spin_share_ratio min clamps to 0.5, should be 0.0 bug minor master
#3305 little space for folder selection bug minor 2.0.3
#3312 Prefetch-metadata fails on GTKUI thin-client. bug minor 2.0.0
#3315 Open Folder option shows me the folder where the file is, but the file is not selected. feature-request minor 1.3.15
#3332 Menu shortcuts on mac. bug minor 2.0.3
#3350 Torrent search is less intuitive with 2.x feature-request minor 2.0.3
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