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#1259 add magnet link support to webui damoxc feature-request minor Fixed
#1324 webui interface Cas feature-request minor 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1390 Add keymaps to webui damoxc feature-request trivial 1.3.0 Fixed
#1494 Add "Downloaded" and "Uploaded" columns to torrent view Cas feature-request minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#1904 WEBUI doesn't connect to deluge-daemon after refresh (F5) damoxc bug major 1.3.2 Invalid
#1915 Unable to stop the status bar from autohiding damoxc bug minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#1936 free variable 'host' referenced before assignment in enclosing scope damoxc bug trivial 1.3.3 Fixed
#1960 Web UI statusbar shows total_payload_download for upload Cas bug minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#1961 Filter for Labels plugin needs 'All' option damoxc bug critical 1.3.3 Fixed
#2015 Progress Bar display issue with extjs 3.4 damoxc bug critical 1.3-stable Fixed
#2017 WebUI gets into an endless Login loop damoxc bug minor other (please specify) WorksForMe
#2037 on 'add torrents' popup, torrents list does not scroll damoxc bug minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#2038 Chrome 17 disconnecting from webui damoxc bug major 1.3.3 Fixed
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