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#2941 Deluge 1.3.13 crash after add torrent bug blocker 1.3.13 Fixed
#2889 "Too many files open" error and losing all torrents bug major 1.3.13 Fixed
#2939 Reconnecting to daemon from client bug major 1.3.13 Duplicate
#2826 add_torrent_file missing base64.encodestring filedata Cas bug minor 1.3-stable Fixed
#2861 libtorrent-rasterbar 1.1.x+ GeoIP support patch minor develop Fixed
#2945 autoadd torrent broken with systemd service bug minor 1.3.13 WontFix
#2946 1.1 libtorrent default piece priority bug minor 1.3-stable Fixed
#2953 code typo (ex -> e) in move_storage() preventing 'move storage' error from being proper logged Cas bug minor 1.3.13 Fixed
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