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#2922 libtorrent 1.1 errors Cas bug blocker develop Fixed
#2960 moving file freeze Cas bug blocker develop Fixed
#3204 No torrent info Cas bug blocker develop Fixed
#2121 Rework Deluge towards static incoming port feature-request critical other (please specify) Duplicate
#3080 reappearing torrent after removal bug critical develop Fixed
#3121 V2 beta Peer ID blocked bug critical develop Fixed
#3183 Closing Daemon causes core.conf to revert to default settings Cas bug critical develop Fixed
#459 Option to prioritize "seeding" queue over download queue Cas feature-request major Fixed
#1260 Handle redirection better with httpdownloader johnnyg feature-request major develop Fixed
#1294 Skip Hash Check - Seed Mode feature-request major master Fixed
#1466 Performance warning: Send Buffer Watermark Cas patch major 1.3.1 Fixed
#2133 Remove port randomization to avoid polluting DHT Cas bug major 1.3-stable Fixed
#2137 Add announce_ip support patch major 1.3.5 Duplicate
#2405 Bump minimum libtorrent version to at least 0.16.12 Cas bug major other (please specify) Fixed
#2814 Speed drops while generating resume data bro bug major 1.3.12 Fixed
#2920 Support lt 1.1 new settings/methods feature-request major develop Fixed
#3212 UnicodeDecodeError in common.get_default_download_dir Cas bug major develop Fixed
#3246 rencode.loads() error bug major develop Invalid
#491 Rechecking indefinitely when external disk is not available andar bug minor 1.2.3 Duplicate
#495 remove methods made obsolete by set_torrent_options Cas feature-request minor develop Fixed
#637 Progress bar for "move storage" andar feature-request minor Fixed
#1002 Been able to Pause upload or Download indivually. andar feature-request minor 1.2.0_dev Duplicate
#1079 Please catch SIGHUP and reopen the log file andar feature-request minor 1.2.0_rc3 Fixed
#1101 Autocheck on startup feature-request minor 1.2.0_rc4 Duplicate
#1132 "Move Storage" and automatic move storage, progress bar feature-request minor 1.2.0 Duplicate
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