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#1862 Move Storage broken bug blocker 1.3-stable Fixed
#1278 "Move storage" in deluge-gtk doesn't work Cas bug critical 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1480 Opening any link from deluge causing 100% cpu load under Ubuntu 10.10 bug major 1.3.1 WontFix
#1508 deluge-gtk crashed with TypeError in cell_data_queue(): could not convert argument to correct param type Cas patch major 1.3.1 Fixed
#1510 Can't create a torrent Cas bug major 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1514 Indicator Applet Cas feature-request major 1.3.1 Fixed
#1602 [Ubuntu Natty 11.04] Deluge freezes when attempting to close About dialog box bug major 1.3.1 Invalid
#690 Renaming folders do not delete olds Cas bug minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1094 Create and label keyboard shortcuts for GTK UI Ghent feature-request minor 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1308 Add Seeds/Peers ratio to torrent list view Cas patch minor Fixed
#1386 [win32] 'Add Torrent' using non-ascii Download Location Cas bug minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1535 Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when only vertical should bug minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1231 Deluge-gtk doesn't preserve the displayed columns between restarts of daemon bug trivial 1.3.0_dev WorksForMe
#1282 Use (localized) Yes/No or On/Off instead of True/False Cas patch trivial 1.3.0 Fixed
#1283 Inconsistent UI in Files tab. bug trivial 1.3.0 Fixed
#1336 Width of columns in the "Files" tab Cas bug trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
#1513 Unhandled Twisted Error if 'Test Active Port' can't find website Cas bug trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
#1581 Provide a way to disable usage of the application indicator interface patch trivial 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1646 Add columns for per torrent upload and download speed limits Cas patch trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
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