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#1714 GTK "Add Torrents" dialog on Windows uses incorrect directory separator for *nix hosts Cas bug major 1.3.1 Fixed
#1232 confusing display of IPv6 addresses in peers tab Cas bug minor 1.2.3 Fixed
#1263 Deluge does not remember column width bug minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1475 Preferences window needs to be resized with very long text translations Cas bug minor 1.3.2 Fixed
#1715 AddTorrentsDialog does not display the filename updates when switching between multiple torrents Cas bug minor 1.3.1 Fixed
#1860 Files Tab "TypeError could not parse subscript as a tree path" bug minor 1.3-stable Fixed
#1894 Settings > Notifications > Mail port limited to 100 bug minor 1.3.2 Fixed
#948 Deluge not properly checking version markybob bug trivial Fixed
#1195 Right-click on folder in Files Tab problem Cas bug trivial 1.2.2 Fixed
#1456 Calculation of ETA with multi-file torrents Cas bug trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
#1560 Sort by Progress in Files tab ignores fractional part Cas bug trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
#1582 Wrong path separator returned when moving storage in Windows Cas bug trivial 1.3.1 Fixed
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