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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#3063 [Plugins] Wont Start or Disable on Windows Cas bug blocker develop (git) Fixed
#3122 [Notifications]No text in Preferences' tab list DjLegolas bug critical develop (git) Fixed
#1290 [Execute] plug-in should support more events feature-request major other (please specify) Fixed
#2801 [Plugin][AutoAdd] Error adding torrents bug major develop (git) Fixed
#2977 Fix Stats Plugin Errors bug major develop (git) Fixed
#3003 Label plugin adding multiple right-click menu entries bug major develop (git) Fixed
#1380 [Scheduler] web UI Interface damoxc patch minor 1.3.0 Fixed
#1382 [Blocklist] Whitelist IPs in the filter list s0undt3ch feature-request minor master (git) Fixed
#2466 [AutoAdd] Error in copy torrent code if inital rename fails patch minor develop (git) Fixed
#2478 [Blocklist] Add WebUI plugin page XxOsurfer3xX feature-request minor 1.3.6 Fixed
#2965 Port AutoAdd magnet fixes from 1.3 to develop bug minor develop (git) Fixed
#3083 utf8_encoded missing for backward compatibility bug minor develop (git) Fixed
#3127 Blocklist doesn't load block file bug minor develop (git) Fixed
#3002 Convert Deluge Plugins to GtkBuilder DjLegolas feature-request trivial develop (git) Fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data bug minor develop (git)
#2812 Update Stats plugin code patch minor develop (git)
#3069 [AutoAdd] Log spamming bug minor develop (git)
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