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#848 Problems with proxy andar bug blocker 1.2.0_dev
#529 Add authentication to core andar feature-request major 1.0.0 Fixed
#585 meta : better error handling and messages andar bug major 1.0.4 Fixed
#587 onComplete plugin andar plugin-request major 1.0.4 Fixed
#735 use keys of "name.utf-8" and "path.utf-8" of metadata andar bug major Fixed
#768 creating torrents - bugs and improvements andar bug major 1.2.0_dev Fixed
#793 completed torrents moved on startup andar bug major 1.1.8 Fixed
#847 Frequent warnings on compile x64 andar bug major 1.1.5 WontFix
#1017 Disclose Name of Country the Flags Represent andar feature-request major 1.1.9 Duplicate
#1029 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec ... in console ui andar bug major 1.2.0 Fixed
#1049 Deluge console now dependent on console andar bug major 1.2.0 Invalid
#1052 Deluge console commands crash if not connected to daemon andar bug major 1.2.0 Fixed
#1068 "Error getting torrent info" on deluge-console info command andar bug major 1.2.0_rc3 Fixed
#1229 Deluge requires libtorrent >= when 0.14.10 installed defect major 1.2.2 Invalid
#1106 Error in torrentlist by tracker bug trivial 1.2.0_rc5 Fixed
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