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#640 A LOT of strings in deluge 1.x is not translateable andar bug critical 1.1.9 Fixed
#638 "Stored in..." Column andar feature-request major 1.0.6 Fixed
#894 Fails to create torrents including files with german umlauts andar bug major 1.2.0_rc4 Fixed
#1124 WebUI login not functioning in Opera 10.10 damoxc bug major 1.2.0
#1154 Display Name (dn) not appearing after adding a magnet link feature-request major 1.2.1 Fixed
#1191 BUG : Keyboad button emulating the right click does not work on the download list. andar bug major 1.1.9 Fixed
#1219 create torrents from folder with non-ascii name doesn't work bug major 1.2.3 Duplicate
#1233 bring deluge demon to C language and enable web interface reverse proxying feature-request major 1.2.3 Invalid
#1351 Deluge should emmit file_completed alert to clients feature-request major 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1356 Deluge 1.3.0 client can not fetch torrents list from Deluge 1.2.3 daemon. bug major 1.3.0 WontFix
#995 tracker_icons needs to be rewritten johnnyg feature-request minor 1.2.0 Fixed
#1125 Name of Country of last two IPs doesn't appear corectly. bug minor 1.2.0
#1152 Don't remove automatically added torrents feature-request minor 1.2.0 Fixed
#1306 Execute plugin allways executes last event configured in execute.conf defect minor 1.3.0_dev Fixed
#1358 Ability to use 8Mb piece size in "Create Torrent" dialog feature-request minor 1.2.3 Fixed
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