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#2924 not adding torrent files bug blocker develop (git) Invalid
#2850 Double log entries in Standalone Mode bug critical develop (git) Fixed
#1192 Lack of keyboard shortcuts feature-request major 1.1.9 Duplicate
#1949 Users should be able to set rotate-log settings. feature-request major master (git) Fixed
#1974 Core shouldn't have to know about the clients in advance patch minor master (git) Fixed
#2029 Multisort Main columns Visioneer feature-request minor 1.3.3 Fixed
#2225 Change common.decode_string to actually decode (return unicode) patch minor master (git) Fixed
#2285 Speed optimizations to sessionproxy patch minor master (git) Fixed
#2412 Disable tracker merging for private torrents Cas feature-request minor other (please specify) Fixed
#2416 Auto-start of new torrents gives incorrect status bug minor develop (git) Fixed
#2934 free disk space bug minor develop (git) WorksForMe
#1048 Option to temporarily suspend all bandwidth activity. andar feature-request trivial Fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2326 don't bundle rencode feature-request minor other (please specify)
#3126 YaRSS fails to add torrents bug minor other (please specify)
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