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#2300 error start classic mode bug critical 1.3.6 Invalid
#2451 Deluge crashes after 10-210 Minutes bug major 1.3.6 WontFix
#2492 deluge download files out of date bug major other (please specify) Invalid
#2720 Update the copyright year on the project front page bug major master (git) Fixed
#2169 Add Torrent Dialog's ' Download Location' not set correctly when directory typed into Other->Location field Cas bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#2226 Right click does not work in bug minor 1.3.5 Fixed
#2346 Mouse input non-responsive bug minor 1.3.6 Invalid
#2392 Download and Plugins page is Russian if not logged in Cas bug minor other (please specify) Fixed
#2494 Keeps crashinh Martin bug minor 1.3.7 Invalid
#2878 user name rules here on trac bug minor other (please specify) WontFix
#2895 Daemon deadlocks on start-up/shutdown when using SSL trackers bug minor 1.3.13 Fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#3045 Increase issue report attachement max size bug minor other (please specify)
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