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#640 A LOT of strings in deluge 1.x is not translateable andar bug critical Unknown 1.1.9
#733 Label plugin broken in web interface damoxc bug critical Web UI
#861 Deluge start before blocklist update johnnyg bug critical Plugin
#917 gtkui can't connect to localhost andar bug critical GTK UI 1.2.3
#1026 WebUI locks up/gets incredibly slow when there are many torrents damoxc bug critical Web UI 1.2.0_dev
#1076 [webui] 1.2.x - impossible to reverse proxy with apache damoxc bug critical Web UI 1.2.0_dev
#1331 No cookies set on Chromium browser damoxc bug critical Web UI 1.3.0_dev
#373 Support for adding webseeds andar feature-request major Core 1.1.0_dev
#432 Move Notification to a plugin. s0undt3ch plugin-request major Plugin 1.1.0_dev
#496 Remove methods made obsolete by get_session_status mvoncken feature-request major Core
#633 Deluge freezes and all torrents disappear andar bug major Core 1.1.7
#638 "Stored in..." Column andar feature-request major Unknown 1.0.6
#693 share ratio limit not respected andar bug major Core 1.3.1
#713 WebUI Label Button Missing damoxc bug major Web UI 1.1.0_RC3
#894 Fails to create torrents including files with german umlauts andar bug major Unknown 1.2.0_rc4
#1036 Deluge GTK UI doesn't connect to selected daemon automatically on start-up andar bug major GTK UI 1.2.0_rc4
#1037 webui add torrent does not work damoxc bug major Web UI other (please specify)
#1054 Web ui peers tab only shows a small fraction of the connected and active peers damoxc bug major Web UI 1.2.0_dev
#1087 Web interface stucks at "Uploading your torrent.." damoxc bug major Web UI 1.3.0_dev
#1089 authentication damoxc bug major Web UI 1.2.0_rc4
#1098 does not properly enclose method comments defect major Plugin 1.2.0_dev
#1112 [PATCH] When file name is changed in Add Torrents dialog, file's path info is lost. bug major GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1124 WebUI login not functioning in Opera 10.10 damoxc bug major Unknown 1.2.0
#1140 Console ui "add" autocomplete crashes on unicode filename patch major Console UI 1.2.0
#1146 webui context menu behavior in Firefox 3.6 damoxc bug major Web UI 1.2.0
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