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#2757 Error creating torrent with french translation Cas bug major Translations 1.3.11
#2758 [win32] bbfreeze include _cffi_backend module bug major Packaging develop
#2295 Persistant store of WebUI display settings damoxc feature-request minor Web UI master
#2325 [win32] Unistalling will delete everything under install directory bug minor Packaging 1.3.6
#2333 Cannot set and then get options with same non-interactive console command bug minor Console UI 1.3.6
#2563 Win32 libtorrent version upgrade feature-request minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2715 WebUI shows favicon incorrectly (large) bug minor Web UI other (please specify)
#2721 Limited functionality on bug minor Core 1.3.11
#2726 column sort setting lost after a few days bug minor Web UI 1.3.11
#2730 dev versions of Deluge not runs with latest setuptools Cas bug minor Core 1.3-stable
#2731 GTK UI: Add Torrent dialog does not appears bug minor GTK UI 1.3-stable
#2736 [Windows] Deluge exe doesn't report version number bug minor Packaging 1.3.11
#2737 [Blocklist] ImportError: cannot import name _URI bug minor Core 1.3.11
#2744 fastresume not working on OSX bug minor Packaging 1.3.11
#2734 High resolution Windows icon Cas patch trivial Packaging develop
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