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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#369 Configuration Wizard damoxc feature-request major GTK UI

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1556 Show torrent labels with console nick feature-request minor Console UI other (please specify)
#2751 pass LABEL on execute plugin Cas feature-request minor Plugin develop (git)
#2209 [BlockList] blocklist ignored on startup bug minor Core 1.3.5
#2181 [AutoAdd] option remove with data at ratio gazpachoking plugin-request minor Plugin 1.3.5
#1309 Add torrent added, torrent complete, etc. to info log level Cas feature-request trivial Core 1.2.2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2759 YaRSS2 fails to download torrents when using https bug minor Plugin 1.3.11
#1545 Wrong tray icon defect minor GTK UI 1.3.1
#2117 Wrong path separator is sent to unix daemon from windows gui defect major GTK UI 1.3.5
#2229 win gtkui - speed of other torrents dissappears when changing storage location of big downloaded torrents bug trivial GTK UI other (please specify)
#1069 [win32] no country name tooltips in peer list andar bug minor GTK UI 1.2.0_rc3
#1325 webui username damoxc feature-request major Web UI 1.3.0_dev
#2483 [WebUI] Support for icons in webui pluginmanager feature-request minor Web UI other (please specify)
#1831 WebUI Problem damoxc bug minor Web UI 1.3.1
#1243 WebUI doesn't populate files tab properly on windows server damoxc bug major Web UI 1.2.3
#2793 VPN Only plugin plugin-request minor Plugin other (please specify)
#1470 ValueError: Unknown level: 'error' with python 2.7 s0undt3ch defect major Unknown 1.3.0_dev
#2722 "Use this proxy for all connection types" feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3.11
#2005 Use Low, Normal, High file priority feature-request trivial GTK UI master (git)
#1244 Use a path in the filename when adding from a URL feature-request minor Core 1.2.3
#1320 "Update tracker" option doesn't work bug trivial Core 1.3.0_dev
#2318 Update PPA for raring bug minor Unknown other (please specify)
#447 Unify features and code used in the file listings in the files tab and the add torrent tialog andar feature-request major GTK UI 1.1.0_dev
#1981 Unicode error in "Copy of .torrent files to" Cas bug minor Core 1.3.3
#2513 Unable to start deluge after upgrading to kernel v3.16.3-2 - deluge-gtk: Cannot aquire lock bug blocker GTK UI 1.3.7
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