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#1317 Queue line change doesn't work bug minor GTK UI 1.2.2
#1318 Deluge forgets some label data bug major Plugin 1.3.0_dev
#1320 "Update tracker" option doesn't work bug trivial Core 1.3.0_dev
#1335 Renamed file after daemon restart always downloads again with original name. defect major Core 1.3.0_dev
#1340 "move storage" issue defect major Unknown other (please specify)
#1343 shouldn't import xdg on windows defect minor Core 1.3.0_dev
#1344 Don't delete .torrent files when auto-adding feature-request trivial Core 1.2.2
#1345 Combine Resume and Pause buttons in GTK UI feature-request trivial GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1346 Add second sorting order option for torrents in list (by name) feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#1348 Periodic IPFilter updates defect minor Unknown other (please specify)
#1353 deluge-gtk crashes with Segmentation Fault on startup bug major GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1357 Choose torrent state to be set after re-hashing is completed feature-request trivial Core
#1366 Default download path feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1368 Move to trash or optional confirmation dialog when removing data feature-request trivial GTK UI 1.2.3
#1371 List of torrents empty for Deluge via distant deluged bug critical Unknown 1.3.0
#1374 Empty sidebar with Deluge 1.3.0 bug minor GTK UI 1.3.0
#1376 "Move storage" purges files in new directory bug minor GTK UI 1.3.0
#1379 Deluge keeps trying to load net-pf-10 when ipv6 is disabled bug trivial Core 1.3.0_dev
#1383 disable progress bar for non-downloading files feature-request major Unknown 1.3.0
#1385 Doesnt save the size of configure-window. bug minor GTK UI 1.3.0
#1393 GTK client crashes bug major GTK UI 1.3.1
#1394 deluge.ui.client should implement twisted.application.service.IService feature-request major Core other (please specify)
#1398 deluge-console commands with parameter --help fail bug trivial Console UI 1.3.1
#1452 torrent check sould also validate storage path feature-request minor Core
#1459 Download Location ignored when adding torrent bug minor GTK UI 1.3.1
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