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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2192 An option to hide the "Owner" list feature-request minor GTK UI develop
#2952 appdata.xml file for Linux software gallery integration patch minor Packaging develop
#645 Applying Options to multiple selected torrents doesn't work andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#2466 [AutoAdd] Error in copy torrent code if inital rename fails patch minor Plugin develop
#1101 Autocheck on startup feature-request minor Core 1.2.0_rc4
#3059 autoconnect & webserver Cas bug major GTK UI develop
#2416 Auto-start of new torrents gives incorrect status bug minor Unknown develop
#1002 Been able to Pause upload or Download indivually. andar feature-request minor Core 1.2.0_dev
#762 Better Console UI nick feature-request major Console UI
#2478 [Blocklist] Add WebUI plugin page XxOsurfer3xX feature-request minor Plugin 1.3.6
#3127 Blocklist doesn't load block file bug minor Plugin develop
#1382 [Blocklist] Whitelist IPs in the filter list s0undt3ch feature-request minor Plugin master
#2510 Bug in type checking patch minor Core develop
#2926 Bug in torrent.get_peers bug minor Core develop
#2405 Bump minimum libtorrent version to at least 0.16.12 Cas bug major Core other (please specify)
#2931 cant add torrents bug blocker GTK UI develop
#3084 Cant change ownship on torrents bug minor Core develop
#3076 Can't Remove Torrent Using Console "global name '_n' is not defined" bug major Console UI develop
#3009 Can't Start deluge-console 2.0.0.dev7009 bug critical Console UI develop
#2225 Change common.decode_string to actually decode (return unicode) patch minor Unknown master
#2520 Change queue description for seeding Cas feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#2016 Clean exit verification with state backup Cas feature-request minor Core 1.3.3
#3183 Closing Daemon causes core.conf to revert to default settings Cas bug critical Core develop
#1354 Command ui-interface for deluge-web damoxc feature-request major Web UI 1.2.3
#2914 Config migration, file format and default config bug minor Core develop
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