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#2796 Add "date_added" to console info sort keys feature-request minor Console UI 1.3-stable
#2798 web ui bug minor Web UI develop
#2804 unable to add torrents bro bug minor Core develop
#2808 Deluge Log File Not Working as Intended bug minor Core develop
#2838 missing ! in ui/console/ line 59 bro bug minor Console UI develop
#2846 Status Bar External Address IPv6 Support Cas bug minor Core develop
#2847 Add a 'move to' option to add command feature-request minor Console UI 1.3.12
#2848 Incorrect share ratio in torrent status bug minor Core 1.3.6
#2866 Non-functional "Resume All" taskbar menu item after v1.3.13 update bug minor GTK UI 1.3-stable
#2882 load_country_db was removed from python bindings bug minor libtorrent 1.3.12
#2900 Error loading torrent: invalid bencoded value bug minor Core develop
#2909 Startup not selecting first torrentview row in Standalone mode bug minor GTK UI develop
#2914 Config migration, file format and default config bug minor Core develop
#2915 [LIBTORRENT] Deluge Shows Negative Peers Connected bug minor libtorrent develop
#2919 Merge I2P settings into proxy for UIs feature-request minor GTK UI develop
#2926 Bug in torrent.get_peers bug minor Core develop
#2927 [GTKUI] Speed Limit Display Doesnt Update bug minor GTK UI develop
#2934 free disk space bug minor Unknown develop
#2947 [Stats] AttributeError: 'Graph' object has no attribute 'stats' bug minor GTK UI develop
#2952 appdata.xml file for Linux software gallery integration patch minor Packaging develop
#2965 Port AutoAdd magnet fixes from 1.3 to develop bug minor Plugin develop
#2970 Allow editing of daemon connections in WebUI feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.13
#2979 Startup error when deluge-web not installed bug minor GTK UI develop
#2993 deluge-web fails due to "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 18: unexpected end of data" bug minor Web UI develop
#2994 Update deluge-web man page bug minor Packaging
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