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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2192 An option to hide the "Owner" list feature-request minor GTK UI develop
#2195 [lt.sess.set.ssl_listen] An option to disable the bittorrent SSL port feature-request minor Core master
#2219 Expose libtorrent i2p options in Deluge feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#2225 Change common.decode_string to actually decode (return unicode) patch minor Unknown master
#2244 Replace daemon profiler (hotshot) with cprofile patch minor Core master
#2246 Speedup set_prioritize_first_last in patch minor Core master
#2254 Add option to enable libtorrent lt_trackers extension feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#2255 Speed optimizations to the daemon patch minor Core master
#2279 Feature request: Progress bar while 'moving storage' feature-request minor GTK UI 1.3.5
#2285 Speed optimizations to sessionproxy patch minor Unknown master
#2291 Stop seed at ratio not respected with GUI closed bug minor Core develop
#2312 New file path chooser + List of saved path values patch minor GTK UI develop
#2321 tracker_status improvements (inc translate status in client not core) bug minor Core other (please specify)
#2326 don't bundle rencode feature-request minor Unknown other (please specify)
#2328 Exception when stopping daemon after switching from classic to thenclient mode without restart bug trivial GTK UI develop
#2354 Alt+f shortcut conflict bug minor GTK UI develop
#2358 Per label torrent listing doesn't work bug major GTK UI master
#2379 Move cleanup of prev_status from to patch minor Core develop
#2387 Date information feature-request minor Console UI develop
#2398 magnet link details downloaded in 'add torrent' dialog feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#2416 Auto-start of new torrents gives incorrect status bug minor Unknown develop
#2466 [AutoAdd] Error in copy torrent code if inital rename fails patch minor Plugin develop
#2467 Enabled Plugins list not always showing the correct options for selection bug minor GTK UI develop
#2470 deluge-console's parsing of commands is surprising feature-request minor Console UI 1.3.6
#2472 [GTKUI] Add Support for setting anonymous mode patch minor GTK UI develop
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