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#2244 Replace daemon profiler (hotshot) with cprofile patch minor Core master
#3247 Replace deprecated platform.linux_distribution() function DjLegolas feature-request minor Core develop
#2121 Rework Deluge towards static incoming port feature-request critical Core other (please specify)
#2161 Save torrent files from magnet links feature-request minor Core 1.3.5
#1380 [Scheduler] web UI Interface damoxc patch minor Plugin 1.3.0
#1868 Search box into toolbar feature-request minor GTK UI other (please specify)
#958 Search by name in torrent list andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#1389 " install" puts icons and .desktop file into wrong place under Ubuntu 10.10 bug trivial Packaging
#3037 Show creator field in torrent details UI Cas feature-request minor Core 1.3.13
#2704 Shutdown results in KeyError: 'SystemTray' bro bug major GTK UI develop
#1294 Skip Hash Check - Seed Mode feature-request major Core master
#2814 Speed drops while generating resume data bro bug major Core 1.3.12
#2285 Speed optimizations to sessionproxy patch minor Unknown master
#2255 Speed optimizations to the daemon patch minor Core master
#2184 Speed optimizations to the torrentview in GTKUI patch minor GTK UI master
#2406 Speed up adding multiple torrents bro patch minor Core develop
#2250 Speedup removing multiple torrents from core bro patch minor Core develop
#2246 Speedup set_prioritize_first_last in patch minor Core master
#2805 Standalone mode not detecting local running daemon bug blocker GTK UI develop
#2979 Startup error when deluge-web not installed bug minor GTK UI develop
#2909 Startup not selecting first torrentview row in Standalone mode bug minor GTK UI develop
#2947 [Stats] AttributeError: 'Graph' object has no attribute 'stats' bug minor GTK UI develop
#2846 Status Bar External Address IPv6 Support Cas bug minor Core develop
#2291 Stop seed at ratio not respected with GUI closed bug minor Core develop
#1903 Super Seeding Cas feature-request trivial Core
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