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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2920 Support lt 1.1 new settings/methods feature-request major Core develop
#1833 tab completion should escape spaces feature-request minor Console UI master
#2789 Test for google tracker icon redirect is failing bug minor Core develop
#2769 The process for uploading a torrent file in the Web-UI could be streamlined. feature-request minor Web UI develop
#2562 TiB instead of GiB for large HD's feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#1000 Torrent should be automatically selected for Statistics display andar feature-request trivial GTK UI
#2775 torrents.state not created for fresh install bug minor Core develop
#2321 tracker_status improvements (inc translate status in client not core) bug minor Core other (please specify)
#2008 Translations text in webui Cas bug major Web UI
#2964 TypeError when trying to check authentication level in RPC Server. Cas bug trivial Core 1.3.13
#3034 Typo in translatable strings bug minor GTK UI develop
#3208 Ubuntu Deluge Python 3 fails to start bug major Unknown develop
#1977 UI does not display one particular torrent bug minor Console UI develop
#2804 unable to add torrents bro bug minor Core develop
#3209 Unable to iconify- crash bug blocker GTK UI develop
#3067 unable to stop daemon bug minor GTK UI develop
#3199 unicode crash in deluge-console Cas bug major Console UI develop
#3212 UnicodeDecodeError in common.get_default_download_dir Cas bug major Core develop
#2755 UnicodeWarning: (download_location" != "move_completed_path" bug minor Core develop
#1971 Unify Options Handling Cas patch minor Core master
#2994 Update deluge-web man page bug minor Packaging
#1972 Useless ui.UI class Cas patch minor Core master
#1949 Users should be able to set rotate-log settings. feature-request major Unknown master
#3083 utf8_encoded missing for backward compatibility bug minor Plugin develop
#3121 V2 beta Peer ID blocked bug critical Core develop
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