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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2716 Add magnet uri support for tr.x tracker feature-request minor Core 1.3.11
#3530 Trackers are not added through magnets. bug minor Core 2.1.0
#3566 deluge-web does not start anymore bug major Web UI 2.1.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1015 Add a Tracker info tab andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#2320 Directly send torrent-file content to Web UI JSON-RPC add_torrents method damoxc patch minor Web UI master
#1453 If binding to specified network adress fails, daemon defaults back to bug minor libtorrent 1.3.0
#2115 [lt.sess_set.enable_*ing_tcp] uTP bandwidth management feature-request minor Core 1.3.5
#2454 Plugin frame work only allows script resources, no CSS or images feature-request minor Web UI 1.3.6
#2669 file association not set with two user accounts in win7 64 bit bug trivial GTK UI 1.3.10
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data bug minor Plugin develop
#2812 Update Stats plugin code patch minor Plugin develop
#2842 Deluge outputting KeyError: '' bug minor Core develop
#2910 Noticable delay between loading torrentview and sidebar upon startup bug trivial GTK UI develop
#2911 Use less versbose units in UIs feature-request minor Web UI develop
#2916 Improve Console help dialog bug minor Console UI develop
#2917 Improve console sidebar display and actions feature-request minor Console UI develop
#2918 Extra startup options for console feature-request minor Console UI develop
#3025 Torrent progress raises and decreases with specified torrent bug minor Web UI develop
#3069 [AutoAdd] Log spamming bug minor Plugin develop
#3088 deluged pauses torrents randomly bug trivial libtorrent develop
#3210 Prefetch magnet in Web UI feature-request minor Web UI develop
#3235 Torrent add options bug minor GTK UI develop
#3258 Use app id for GTKUI bug minor GTK UI master
#3259 Create macOS app package (Py3-GTK3) feature-request major Packaging develop
#3347 Deluge-console traceback at launch bug minor Unknown 2.0.3
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