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#1786 deluge not loading s0undt3ch bug major GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#895 Deluge shows only halves of icons in the tree area andar bug minor GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1201 Deprecation warning, use get_session_status() bug trivial Core 1.2.3
#2462 Edit Trackers Option bug minor GTK UI develop
#1200 Exception dropped by deluge-web Damien Churchill bug minor Web UI 1.2.2
#2217 Exception is thrown in gtkui when opening preferences bug minor GTK UI master
#1844 File choice ignored, no file right-click menu s0undt3ch bug minor Unknown master
#2040 [freespace] exceptions.KeyError: 72 bug minor Plugin master
#1851 freespace plugin s0undt3ch bug major Plugin master
#2277 get_torrent_status ignores plugins - Bug in commit 8c106ce8c4c0794ddd63e8e8f98b097221a56a52 bug critical Core master
#1951 'git master' does not load plugins in Ubuntu bug blocker Plugin master
#1103 Global "Stop seed at ratio" setting overrides per-torrent disabling of "Stop seed" setting bug minor Core 1.3.0
#1874 gtk not loading s0undt3ch bug blocker GTK UI master
#1873 gtk torrent options s0undt3ch bug critical GTK UI master
#1815 GTK UI Automatic connect s0undt3ch bug critical GTK UI master
#1204 gtkui doesn't show the torrents of a label/tracker defect major GTK UI 1.3.0_dev
#1687 Help doesn't work in detail view nick bug trivial Console UI 1.3.0_dev
#1189 Incomplete torrents give error at deluged start bug critical Core 1.2.1
#1174 Incorrect reporting of Download Progress andar bug major Core 1.2.1
#1186 Integrated RSS Plugin John Garland plugin-request minor Plugin 1.2.1
#507 label plugin mvoncken plugin-request major Web UI 1.0.0
#1467 Log to file when not daemonized defect minor Core 1.3.1
#2479 module' object has no attribute 'json iZeus83 bug minor Web UI develop
#1209 Move icons and pixmaps to ui/ andar bug blocker Unknown
#1945 Mutable default argument in deluge.ui.client.DaemonSSLProxy.__init__ Calum bug trivial GTK UI master
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