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#997 ip ban like azureus andar feature-request major Core
#1080 Preferences dialog clean-up andar feature-request major GTK UI
#1081 Design new Create Torrent Dialog andar feature-request major GTK UI
#1092 Add torrents with different hashes but identical files andar feature-request major Core
#1166 Add a unix socket for the daemon andar feature-request major Core 1.2.1
#1360 deluged should announce itself over zeroconf feature-request major Unknown 1.3.0_dev
#1849 [label] changes are greedy steals all torrents, auto-labeling picks wrong label bug major Plugin 1.3.1
#2198 one more option to move at ratio feature-request major Plugin other (please specify)
#2273 Icons & UI HiDPI - Font Blurry feature-request major GTK UI 1.3.5
#2304 [Feature-Request] Reconnect if connection fails feature-request major Unknown other (please specify)
#2442 Plaintext auth passwords. bug major Core master (git)
#2511 Multi column sorting feature-request major GTK UI 1.3.7
#397 per file, per torrent, and per multiple torrent speedlimits andar plugin-request minor Plugin
#487 status-bar api mvoncken feature-request minor Core
#493 Subdirectory detection andar feature-request minor Unknown
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio andar feature-request minor Core
#629 "Find My Downloaded Data" plugin andar plugin-request minor Plugin
#651 Browse to download path in web UI andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#722 User access level for control of remote daemon in gtk ui andar feature-request minor GTK UI
#829 Stop Seeding At Active Time andar feature-request minor Unknown
#852 Ability to rename labels andar feature-request minor Plugin
#887 'Move Directory' option when removing a torrent andar plugin-request minor Core
#956 Client account creation with permissions andar feature-request minor Core
#1051 Installation of an incompatible plugin generates no error andar bug minor GTK UI
#1130 IPv6 Interfaces support (daemon,webui,gtk) feature-request minor Core
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