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#3558 Dialogs usability new feature-request major needs verified
#3572 torrents added when disconnected are lost new bug minor needs verified
#3573 Added torrent doesn't show after client starts new bug minor needs verified
#3574 Progress bar inverts when selected in dark mode, so unclear new bug minor needs verified
#3575 Multi-selected torrent changes all fields, even unedited ones new bug minor needs verified
#3579 Standalone Mode GTK UI Sidebar becomes unresponsive within hours new bug major needs verified
#3587 deluge-gtk crashes when selecting directories in preferences menu new bug minor needs verified
#3592 Pressing the down button on "Move Complete Folder" crashes GTK new bug minor needs verified
#3595 GTK - Thin Client Mode Leaks IP To Trackers new bug major 2.1.2
#3620 attempt to remove torrent that is currently moved to new destination results in UI hang new bug minor needs verified
#3622 Tray password bug. new bug minor needs verified
#3625 Deluge-gtk crashes when selecting or moving folder new bug blocker needs verified
#3628 GUI window Control Buttons dissappear new bug minor 2.1.1
#3630 New (active) goes to the "Paused" list new bug minor needs verified
#3641 Error Downloading to Some Directories Windows new bug minor Future
#1108 Abstract unlimited speed setting new feature-request trivial 2.x
#1215 No prompt if client disconnected from server when torrent added new bug minor 2.x
#1277 Queueing Options in the Add Torrent dialog new feature-request trivial 2.x
#1285 An option to trash/delete the .torrent files reopened feature-request minor Future
#1326 GTK interface wider than screen with large font size or high DPI new bug minor 2.x
#1329 Color of icon when announce request on tracker failed new feature-request minor 2.x
#1332 Per tracker ratio (may be a plugin-request) new feature-request minor Future
#1454 memory leak caused by deluge gtk/ui assigned bug major not applicable
#1458 Options to (un)check all files and set file priorites in Add Torrent Dialog new feature-request trivial 2.x
#1540 Check duplicate torrents new feature-request minor Future
1 2 3 4 5 6
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