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#3407 'Saved Paths' popup crashes deluge on Wayland new bug major 2.0.4
#3139 Selecting update tracker does nothing new bug minor needs verified
#578 Setting download directory for multiple torrents should be easier. reopened andar feature-request trivial Future
#880 Set urgent hint on completion of tasks new andar feature-request trivial Future
#3405 "show_piecesbar" : triggers segmentation fault if not running "deluge debug" new bug minor needs verified
#698 Show reason why connection failed to daemon reopened andar feature-request major Future
#860 Sound notification with mp3/ogg files new andar feature-request minor needs verified
#2396 status bar active torrents info new feature-request minor Future
#3369 Statusbar Height forgotten on Restart new bug minor 2.0.4
#3110 Tabs in OS X breaks Deluge layout new bug major needs verified
#3235 Torrent add options new bug minor 2.1.x
#2891 Torrent already added not working new bug minor needs verified
#2903 Torrent List Does not properly update new bug minor needs verified
#3350 Torrent search is less intuitive with 2.x new feature-request minor needs verified
#3167 does not clean up /tmp entries from failed hosts new bug minor needs verified
#2393 tray icon double click to open window new feature-request minor Future
#3243 Tray icon issue without libappindicator new bug trivial needs verified
#3419 UI Does Not Retain Positioning new bug minor 2.0.4
#3196 UI Offscreen new bug minor needs verified
#2776 Un-clickable buttons on Windows GTKUI new bug minor not applicable
#3258 Use app id for GTKUI new bug minor 2.1.x
#722 User access level for control of remote daemon in gtk ui new andar feature-request minor Future
#2341 [win32] Problems installing/enabling plugins with non-ascii username reopened bug minor 2.x
#2102 [win32] Restoring maximized window from tray is no longer maximized accepted Cas bug minor not applicable
#3179 Windows: Disconnecting 2nd display doesn't update gtkui.conf with usable x position new bug trivial 2.x
1 2 3 4 5 6
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