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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3633 allow bypass local addresses for webui authentication new feature-request minor Future
#3635 [WebUI] language not changing when chaning to system default new bug minor 2.1.2
#3637 WebUI should not ask for password when it is null new bug minor needs verified
#1097 Javascript code lacks doc strings/comments new damoxc feature-request trivial Future
#2090 json api get_hosts returns status Offline for all hosts new damoxc bug trivial 2.x
#2170 WebUI generates AttributeError when reconnected to daemon new damoxc bug trivial 2.x
#2236 Disabling plugin with filter in webui generates errors new bug trivial 2.x
#2239 Plugins without webui pages generate a typeerror new damoxc bug trivial 2.x
#3216 WebUI plugin error with missing deluge-web new bug trivial 2.x
#3485 Connnot stop/start daemon from Web-UI new bug trivial needs verified
1 2 3 4
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