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#2344 Download file(s) from GUI of torrent new feature-request minor
#2835 Downloading Target With Same Name Corrupts Target new bug minor
#2395 download/upload limit indication in down/up speed columns new feature-request minor
#230 Drag 'n' drop reorder of torrents for download queue new andar feature-request minor
#1553 Drop idle peers after N seconds new feature-request minor
#2172 Easier management of the bandwith for uploads new feature-request minor
#3400 encoding problem encoding,russian language new bug minor
#3087 enforce HTTPS for new feature-request minor
#3495 enhanced ability for exchaning data with other applications, especially in bulk new feature-request minor
#3338 Erorr while adding many torrents new bug minor
#3472 error new bug minor
#3018 error returned to web api wen adding a torrent with a label that has many torrents (500+) new bug major
#3286 Error setting some config values from console ('str' object has no attribute 'decode') new bug minor
#3362 Error when connecting to a remote server with deluge-console new bug minor
#3327 Exceptions filling logs and memory leaking till operational freeze findCaller pending bug critical
#2788 Excess "Password Protected " windows pops-up when software was relaunched from minimized new bug minor
#2792 Execute fails to load/find file new bug minor
#3195 Execute Plugin will not start another batch file on Windows new bug major
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data new bug minor
#2151 Extend option to copy torrent files to a folder new feature-request minor
#3380 Extractor-0.7: delete previously extracted files on torrent removal extractor new patch minor
#3035 Extractor issues with .rar archives of the same name that have a Subs folder reopened HollowMan bug major
#3123 Extractor plug-in will not select Extractor, plug-ins new bug minor
#2929 Extractor updating config even with no change new bug major
#2502 [Extract] Uncompress feature, similar to rtorrent unpack unpack uncompress rar zip web-ui new feature-request minor
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