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#3240 Add argument for progress Console progress new feature-request minor
#3242 Plugin for filtering/searching files inside a torrent new plugin-request minor
#3249 Queued! new bug minor
#3252 Replace deprecated pkg_resources new bug minor
#3253 macOS GdkQuartzWindow set timestamp new bug minor
#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping new feature-request minor
#3256 need help setting up new bug minor
#3258 Use app id for GTKUI new bug minor
#3263 Create multiple SINGLE FILE torrents new feature-request minor
#3268 Release checklist update and fix unlinked URL new bug minor
#3273 Document change in the peer id format new bug minor
#3274 Error: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request new bug minor
#3276 System quota support quota, free_space new feature-request minor
#3277 Moving a finished download deletes higher-level folder new bug minor
#3285 UnicodeDecodeError in torrents.state new bug minor
#3286 Error setting some config values from console ('str' object has no attribute 'decode') new bug minor
#3287 [Feature Request] Add a progressbar of transfer when using the Move Storage option on big files transfer moving file progressbar new feature-request minor
#3288 Sorting Issues Sorting new bug minor
#3289 Remove Torrent Removes Associated .tor new feature-request minor
#3290 artificial bandwidth limit if max_download_speed set to -1.0 max_download_speed, bandwidth, bandwidth limit new bug minor
#3291 deluge-console exit code always "0" new feature-request minor
#3299 gtkui - spin_share_ratio min clamps to 0.5, should be 0.0 new bug minor
#3300 Move Download Folder triggers recheck even if the new folder is the same as the old one new bug minor
#3301 "deluge-console rm" argument confusion new bug minor
#3305 little space for folder selection new bug minor
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