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#3308 New webapi with interactive docs (swagger-ui) new feature-request minor
#3312 Prefetch-metadata fails on GTKUI thin-client. new bug minor
#3313 GTKUI thinclient cannot start localhost daemon on Windows. new bug minor
#3314 Daemons don't background themselves on Windows. new bug minor
#3315 Open Folder option shows me the folder where the file is, but the file is not selected. new feature-request minor
#3319 Problem getting host_id info from hostlist new bug minor
#3320 Don't raise error when log.warn is enough new bug minor
#3321 Invalid continuation byte UnicodeDecodeError: utf-8 new bug minor
#3322 All torrents disappear occasionally after restart new bug minor
#3323 Daemon crashes when trying to remove torrent json api new bug minor
#3329 builtins.KeyError: 'label/label.js new bug minor
#3331 Localization on mac I18n gettext libintl locale translation new bug minor
#3332 Menu shortcuts on mac. Shortcuts packaging mac gtkosx-application new bug minor
#3335 finished seeding torrents only removed when UI is activated new bug minor
#3338 Erorr while adding many torrents new bug minor
#3340 Standardise logs new feature-request minor
#3341 Display ETA during checking operation new feature-request minor
#3344 network interface bind, wildcard new bug minor
#3345 sequential download new feature-request minor
#3347 Deluge-console traceback at launch new bug minor
#3349 get_clipboard_text:TypeError new bug minor
#3350 Torrent search is less intuitive with 2.x new feature-request minor
#3352 Tracker will not be updated (v2.0.3) tracker announce new bug minor
#3354 Consider fixing PPA version ppa version dpkg new bug minor
#3357 get_torrents_status does not return plugin keys new bug minor
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