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#3151 “Missing or invalid torrent data!" new bug minor
#3153 Global speed limits ignored new bug minor
#3155 [Security] [Feature request] Use HTTPS for Deluge binaries, source, and web registration page new https, encryption, security, feature request feature-request major
#3156 Settings -> Queue -> Total Active Above 1600 Does Not Increase active_tracker_limit new bug minor
#3157 Force use of HTTPS for trackers new https bug minor
#3158 Mac .app forgets all hosts when password contains brace new bug minor
#3160 share torents new bug major
#3161 1.x GUI hard crash new bug major
#3162 Add passwords support for extractor new plug-in extractor passwords plugin-request minor
#3163 Read Cache size new cache bug major
#3165 "Device or resource busy" on Linux kernel newer than 4.9.0-3 new kernel, device or resource busy bug critical
#3166 Failed to upload torrent using webUI in chrome new bug major
#3168 probleme with validating preferences with gtk interface new bug minor
#3172 View Deluge Configuration files new plugin-request minor
#3173 View Deluge Configuration files new plugin-request minor
#3174 [Plugin Autoadd] Option to autoadd in subfolders with the torrents for seed new feature-request minor
#3175 Interface glitch when scrolling fast new gtk,interface,scroll,scrolling,glitch bug minor
#3176 Marking file as "Do Not Download" does not prevent download new Priority bug major
#3177 changer de langue new bug major
#3178 Terrfic app new feature-request minor
#3179 Windows: Disconnecting 2nd display doesn't update gtkui.conf with usable x position new bug trivial
#3180 Terminating deluge leaves it in an inconsistent state new bug critical
#3181 Replace Pywin32 reopened feature-request trivial
#3182 Deluged start with existing lock file crashes local network new bug major
#3186 Webui not loading new bug minor
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