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#2969 Provide feedback in deluge-web at daemon connection attempts new bug minor
#2972 deluge-web and deluge-gtk refuse to connect to a daemon which has autoadd_enable set to true new bug minor
#2974 Open connection manager in WebUI new bug trivial
#2982 Seeding ratio doesn't take into account what it should new bug minor
#2995 GTK UI loose connection with daemon new bug major
#2998 Offer previously defined custom download and upload speed limits new feature-request minor
#3004 systemd services logging to journald new feature-request trivial
#3011 Listen to WM_ENDSESSION on Windows new feature-request minor
#3012 Consistent button position on Windows new bug trivial
#3013 Firefox doesn't offer to store deluge-web password new feature-request minor
#3018 error returned to web api wen adding a torrent with a label that has many torrents (500+) new bug major
#3023 Deluge Multi-Localuser new bug minor
#3024 Reuse already transferred segments from other torrents new feature-request minor
#3025 Torrent progress raises and decreases with specified torrent new bug minor
#3028 Moving torrent corrupts torrent pieces new bug minor
#3030 All torrents are paused new bug minor
#3031 Resetting or hiding file priority of finished downloads new feature-request minor
#3032 Ctrl+a should not select root directory in file tab new bug minor
#3033 Priority should appear on directories if descendants have the same one new feature-request minor
#3035 Extractor issues with .rar archives of the same name that have a Subs folder reopened HollowMan bug major
#3042 Add tags to or mark torrents new feature-request minor
#3045 Increase issue report attachement max size new bug minor
#3046 Trackerless/DHT torrents' peers only updated after restart of deluged or adding new torrent new bug minor
#3047 False warning logging regarding geoip resolution new bug minor
#3048 Deluge crashes on large torrent new bug major
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