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#3051 Provide download function in deluge-gtk new feature-request minor
#3052 Further improvements for icons new feature-request trivial
#3057 Travis test fails to handle existing daemon running on 58900 new bug minor
#3061 WebAPITestCase.test_add_host failing intermittently on travis new bug minor
#3069 [AutoAdd] Log spamming new bug minor
#3078 OSX menubar and accelerator keys broken new bug minor
#3087 enforce HTTPS for new feature-request minor
#3088 deluged pauses torrents randomly new bug trivial
#3092 Web GUI disconnection from daemon during torrent removal new bug major
#3094 Moving files to a folder removes files if they have been moved to the same folder earlier new bug major
#3095 Limiting per peer download speed new feature-request trivial
#3096 TCP connections are left in FIN_WAIT_2 state new bug minor
#3099 [Feature Request] Torrent priority new feature-request minor
#3101 deluge-- (macOS) very slow 17KB/sec new bug minor
#3102 Deluge deletes trackers new bug minor
#3103 Force Recheck doesn't recheck for new files new bug minor
#3106 Checking with large hash size causes OOM condition new bug critical
#3108 Adding torrent with certain filenames crashes client new bug minor
#3111 remote deluged instance with bad connectivity causes "<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: 'gtk.TreeIter' object has no attribute '__getitem__'" new bug minor
#3113 add a option to view speed in Mbit/s new feature-request minor
#3114 DNS resolution doesn't use the correct network interface new bug minor
#3115 Renaming a subfolder to contain another subfolder leads to GTK client desync new bug minor
#3116 Adding parentheses to root folder name doesn't update title new bug critical
#3117 Parallel programmatic adding of torrents causes torrents to be skipped new bug minor
#3120 files in complete directory ignored during re-check new bug minor
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