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#3175 Interface glitch when scrolling fast gtk,interface,scroll,scrolling,glitch new bug minor
#3178 Terrfic app new feature-request minor
#3186 Webui not loading new bug minor
#3188 Feature Request: Sort torrents by date completed new feature-request minor
#3191 Some errors in console-UI. new bug minor
#3192 Wishlist: Please add support for enabling 'announce_to_all_{trackers,tiers}'. new feature-request minor
#3193 Lack of 0-byte file on read-only seed prevents seeding seed failure new bug minor
#3196 UI Offscreen UI, window, disappear, offscreen new bug minor
#3210 Prefetch magnet in Web UI new feature-request minor
#3213 Unable to partially download torrent new bug minor
#3217 deluge-console does not easily support alternative connections for interactive sessions new feature-request minor
#3218 Checking files stops working sometims new bug minor
#3220 Unable to download torrent from Archlinux primary URL new bug minor
#3222 "Remove torrent when share ratio is reached" not working new bug minor
#3223 recently path support for move (and new) new feature-request minor
#3224 Disable Hash Check at Startup new bug minor
#3225 Invisible/hidden torrent new feature-request minor
#3228 Deluge 1.3.15 Value of Settings/Proxy is ineffective new bug minor
#3229 functionality request: Edit Trackers Edit Trackers new feature-request minor
#3235 Torrent add options new bug minor
#3236 Bad argument error using a magnet link new bug minor
#3237 Column layout not saving new bug minor
#3238 MacOS: Deluge hangs when clicking on link within about window new bug minor
#3239 Allow wildcards in console Wildcard console new feature-request minor
#3240 Add argument for progress Console progress new feature-request minor
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