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#3506 Added sort order wrong after server reboot new bug minor
#3507 AddTorrentError not handled in RPCserver new bug minor
#3508 Switching application mode twice causes the 2nd attempt to fail new bug minor
#3509 Write permission errors new feature-request minor
#3512 builtins.KeyError: 'disk.num_blocks_cache_hits' log spam new bug minor
#3513 Telling Deluge to download new flies after downloading part of the torrent flie doesn't have any effects new bug minor
#3522 Segmentation Fault on Deamon start (Armv71) SIGSEGV segmentation fault armv71 new bug minor
#3524 Remove google-analytics new feature-request minor
#3531 Deluge cannot load some torrents created by qBittorrent new patch minor
#3532 flagle new bug minor
#3533 Deluge 2.1 does not work behind NAT new bug minor
#3536 Add ability to choose themes for all UIs new feature-request minor
#3537 Non-ascii state loading fail. new bug minor
#3539 Tracker error alerts breaks with foreign chars. new bug minor
#3541 Add-torrent-dialog not seperating dirs. new bug minor
#3542 mako should be an optional dependency dependencies, webui, mako new feature-request minor
#3543 program downloads ALL files new bug minor
#3545 Label plugin doesn't remove deleted torrent mappings new bug minor
#3546 Deluge-console fails on windows. new bug minor
#3547 deluge-web error related to GeoIP new bug minor
#3549 deluge-console add not adding torrent filenames with embedded spaces console add torrent new bug minor
#3550 unable to register forum account new bug minor
#3551 Show Time in 'Added' and 'Completed' columns. new feature-request minor
#3552 Game online new bug minor
#3553 Allow mapping local (deluge-gtk) and remote (deluged) paths new feature-request minor
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