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#3429 speed limits scale is archaic new feature-request minor
#3430 Limit storage usage plugin new Limit, storage, plugin plugin-request minor
#3433 deluge-gtk segmentation fault new bug major
#3434 deluged doesn't work with bridge new bug major
#3436 web dark theme support new feature-request minor
#3437 Deluged Crashes on Startup post python3-libtorrent 1.2.10_git20201018 new bug minor
#3442 Deluge 2.0.3 doesn't open on first time on fedora 33 new bug minor
#3445 Add multiple torrent files at the same time break the "Force Re-Check" option new add bug minor
#3446 Seed only when HDD is active new spindown, hdd, seed, active plugin-request minor
#3447 Use another translation platform new translation feature-request major
#3450 Socks5 proxy client orphaning connections new bug minor
#3451 Deluge error on macOS: File open error - operation not supported new macos, error, file, download bug critical
#3452 Can't connecto to server with deluge-console new bug minor
#3453 Web UI is freezing on Safari when selecting a torrent new web ui safari docker bug minor
#3454 Web UI is freezing on Safari when selecting a torrent new web bug minor
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 new feature-request major
#3456 Preferences dialogue inaccessible new bug minor
#3459 XSS via malicious .torrent file new security xss bug major
#3460 XSS via malicious .torrent file new bug major
#3461 Filenames with unicode not working new unicode, filename, file name bug minor
#3462 ConsoleUI issues. new bug minor
#3463 New geoip discussion new feature-request minor
#3464 connection to the webserver has been lost! new bug minor
#3465 Non-interactive deluge-console hangs on twisted errors new bug minor
#3466 daemon passwords stored in plain text new bug minor
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