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#3392 Deluge-GTK only show date in columns new bug minor
#3396 Support for GeoIP2 databases new feature-request minor
#3397 search by name in webui new bug minor
#3398 builtins.TypeError: _findCaller() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given new bug minor
#3402 Not downloading new bug minor
#3403 Forum registration fails - email never arrives new bug blocker
#3404 Cannot view GUI configuration of the plugins new bug major
#3406 make combobox_window resizable new feature-request minor
#3407 'Saved Paths' popup crashes deluge on Wayland reopened bug major
#3408 Seed and peer statistics for trackers with no scrape new feature-request major
#3411 Plugins new plugin-request minor
#3412 Trying to open US locale with wrong path new bug minor
#3415 In/out interface binding issue. new bug minor
#3417 IPv6 missing in deluge2/lt-1.2.x. new bug minor
#3419 UI Does Not Retain Positioning new bug minor
#3420 Statusbar shows n/a for IP in GTK/console UI. new bug minor
#3421 Plugins don't receive TorrentFileCompletedEvent / file_completed_alert new bug minor
#3422 Plugin: Auto-skimmer for 'Sample' and 'Screens' folders new plugin-request minor
#3423 Memory Leak on Linux pending bug major
#3425 Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion new bug minor
#3426 Implement support for IPv6 only networks new feature-request minor
#3429 speed limits scale is archaic new feature-request minor
#3433 deluge-gtk segmentation fault new bug major
#3434 deluged doesn't work with bridge new bug major
#3436 web dark theme support new feature-request minor
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