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#3437 Deluged Crashes on Startup post python3-libtorrent 1.2.10_git20201018 new bug minor
#3442 Deluge 2.0.3 doesn't open on first time on fedora 33 new bug minor
#3450 Socks5 proxy client orphaning connections new bug minor
#3452 Can't connecto to server with deluge-console new bug minor
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 new feature-request major
#3456 Preferences dialogue inaccessible new bug minor
#3460 XSS via malicious .torrent file new bug major
#3462 ConsoleUI issues. new bug minor
#3463 New geoip discussion new feature-request minor
#3464 connection to the webserver has been lost! new bug minor
#3465 Non-interactive deluge-console hangs on twisted errors new bug minor
#3466 daemon passwords stored in plain text new bug minor
#3467 deluge flatpak bug - open download folder not working new bug minor
#3468 deluge flatpak bug - mouse pointer not changing share for widget resize new bug minor
#3472 error new bug minor
#3473 ConsoleUI's 'move' command hangs. new bug minor
#3474 Server side error 3 new bug major
#3480 Deluge crashes when removing a torrent new bug major
#3481 deluge-web's password field has broken-looking focus outline, in Firefox, due to UA-string-sniffing new bug minor
#3482 Starting Deluge results in a message box stating that Deluge cannot run in consolidated mode, only in thin mode new bug blocker
#3483 j and k (vim-style cursor down/up) mappings are upside-down in deluge-console new bug minor
#3484 deluge-gtk 2.0.3 thin client not showing all torrents new bug major
#3486 deluge seems to crash on exit new bug major
#3487 deluge-gtk starts & crashes new bug minor
#3493 Remove "six" dependency new feature-request minor
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