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#940 Popout window with torrent details & stats new andar feature-request trivial
#956 Client account creation with permissions new andar feature-request minor
#997 ip ban like azureus new andar feature-request major
#1013 Disk space checker plugin disk space checker new johnnyg plugin-request trivial
#1015 Add a Tracker info tab new andar feature-request minor
#1042 Combined Status information for multiple selected torrents new andar feature-request trivial
#1051 Installation of an incompatible plugin generates no error new andar bug minor
#1080 Preferences dialog clean-up new andar feature-request major
#1081 Design new Create Torrent Dialog new andar feature-request major
#1092 Add torrents with different hashes but identical files hash new andar feature-request major
#1097 Javascript code lacks doc strings/comments new damoxc feature-request trivial
#1108 Abstract unlimited speed setting unlimited speed confusing new feature-request trivial
#1130 IPv6 Interfaces support (daemon,webui,gtk) new feature-request minor
#1165 "Add webseed" option webseed url torrent new johnnyg feature-request minor
#1166 Add a unix socket for the daemon new andar feature-request major
#1206 Add a session upload-only mode new feature-request minor
#1212 Pause all torrents & auto resume after timeout new feature-request major
#1215 No prompt if client disconnected from server when torrent added new bug minor
#1241 Upload Speed Down when create torrent file new bug minor
#1251 Add Ext.ux.state.DelugeProvider new damoxc feature-request minor
#1257 Add resource pre-loading new damoxc bug minor
#1277 Queueing Options in the Add Torrent dialog new feature-request trivial
#1280 Upload speed when seeding upload speed, seeding new feature-request minor
#1286 IPv6 Preference Needed ipv6 new feature-request minor
#1305 Use CDN for css & js includes cdn javascript css ajax webui new damoxc feature-request minor
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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