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#3128 Bad charset encoding in "tracker state" field charset tracker_state new bug minor
#1460 Batch add torrents new damoxc feature-request minor
#3569 Blocked on Windows 11 by Smart App Control new feature-request minor
#1906 [Blocklist] Add Multiple List Input Functionality blocklist, multiple list, multi-list, lists new johnnyg feature-request minor
#2209 [BlockList] blocklist ignored on startup blocklist assigned bug minor
#2954 blocklist false positive new bug minor
#3626 [Blocklist] "Session paused always" issue. new bug minor
#2484 [Blocklist] Whitelist error when saving and blocklist not initialized new bug minor
#3627 Block List Wont Remember new bug minor
#651 Browse to download path in web UI new andar feature-request minor
#3567 Bug in Deluge 2.1.1 new bug critical
#3512 builtins.KeyError: 'disk.num_blocks_cache_hits' log spam new bug minor
#3329 builtins.KeyError: 'label/label.js new bug minor
#3398 builtins.TypeError: _findCaller() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given new bug minor
#3427 builtins.UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe4 in position 0: invalid continuation byte -- version 2.0.4.dev38+g23a48dd01-2 twisted, deferred new bug critical
#3496 bulk "force re-check" fails by attempting to run all check simultaneously new bug minor
#3147 Cache allowed to exceed 32-bit memory limit 32-bit, memory limit, cache, crash new bug minor
#3505 Cannot add host on deluge-console (invalid port) fix new bug major
#3404 Cannot view GUI configuration of the plugins new bug major
#3132 cant add torrents new bug major
#3452 Can't connecto to server with deluge-console new bug minor
#3359 Can't register for the forum new bug minor
#3177 changer de langue new bug major
#1540 Check duplicate torrents new feature-request minor
#2703 Check existing files before renaming a file to prevent clobber new feature-request major
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