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#3207 Core: migrate from Twisted to Asyncio new andar feature-request major
#3226 Credentials new bug major
#3241 Using the move file to completed folder on map drive creates new folder structure in target new bug major
#3255 Migrate core to libtorrent-1.2 new patch major
#3259 Create macOS app package (Py3-GTK3) new feature-request major
#3283 Authentication Failure new bug major
#3292 Announces with left!=0 for some finished torrents new bug major
#3294 Tracker status: Invalid Argument Invalid argument new bug major
#3302 Deluge tries to login with empty credentials new bug major
#3304 Autoadd downloads to the wrong folder AutoAdd new bug major
#3306 deluge-gtk mem leak new bug major
#3307 Deluge-gtk crashes upon connection/general protection fault deluge-gtk coredump segfault new bug major
#3311 Deluge stops with proxy set new bug major
#3326 Unhandled error in deferred handle_alerts new bug major
#3336 Only n<7 torrents ever seed at the same time. new bug major
#3355 Torrent Preview On Magnet Links & Tracker Management new bug major
#3356 [deluge-console] move command takes over terminal new bug major
#3378 Unhandled Traceback duing console exection new bug major
#3404 Cannot view GUI configuration of the plugins new bug major
#3407 'Saved Paths' popup crashes deluge on Wayland reopened bug major
#3408 Seed and peer statistics for trackers with no scrape new feature-request major
#3423 Memory Leak on Linux pending bug major
#3433 deluge-gtk segmentation fault new bug major
#3434 deluged doesn't work with bridge new bug major
#3447 Use another translation platform translation new feature-request major
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